Made in Canada - Would you like to know more?

What does it mean to us?

Almost all patches sold on this page are proudly made in Canada by 838 Patches.

That also means that almost all raw materials come from Canada or the United States. Some materials may come from other sources.

(IE : Flecktarn fabric from Germany)


Why buy locally when we can buy overseas and sell our products way cheaper?

We are trying to support local shops first (military materials are not tomatoes and come mainly from the United States).

Since 838 Patches is a Canadian Veteran Owned Business, we also try to buy from Veteran Owned Businesses.

Our goal is to offer high quality products with high quality materials, not some product that will fall apart after a couple of uses or the first 2 weeks of your deployment.


...and yes, it was a quote from ''Starship Troopers''.