Who is behind 838 Patches?

Backstory of the owner

I have been in the Canadian Army for more than 17 years (and still counting) as infantryman, including 4 years as a door gunner on the CH-146 Griffon.

I've deployed twice: once in Afghanistan with the Royal 22e Régiment and once as a door gunner in Iraq with the 438e ETAH.

But now my knees, my back and my wife are telling me that it's maybe time to retire.


Backstory of 838 Patches

Founded in 2011, 838 Patches was not intended to become as big as it is now. It was supposed to be a part time job, just a fun sideline. It was a small project, nothing more, nothing less. 

With the retirement on the horizon, the company known today is becoming more and more part of my life. Current tempo is now the opposite of what it was at the beginning; 838 Patches is my main occupation and the army has become a part time job.


I don't know what the future will be but I really hope it will be full of amazing patches!